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A handful of Billy's recordings are available to purchase online. Those that are available have prices and a button to add to your basket. Have a browse below and enjoy some MP3 samples by clicking on the play button beside the sample title you wish to hear.


Not Available

Origins (CD)

"This album only touches the top of their extensive repertoire but it leaves you asking for more"

"If your taste is for a good Scottish dance and gaelic song album then this is it!"

Tracks: Marine Millenium March / Hug Oran Oro / Kenny Gillies of Portnalong, Skye / Wild Mountain Thyme / JD Peace of Shoreside / Tunes for the Bairns / Gleann Bhaile Chaoil / The Pumpkins Fancy / The Rumour / Margaret and Bill Henney's Silver Wedding Waltz / The Bonnie Ship The Diamond / Nancy Finlayson / Tuireadh Iain Ruidh / The Atholl Highlanders / Glencoe Medley / The Rowan Tree / Braigh Lochiall / Topsy / Song for the Smallpipe / The Loch Tay Boat Song / Sailing By / The Cumberland Square Eight / Amazing Grace

Dileab, Margaret MacLeod (CD)

Tracks: O'Sann Tha Mo Ghaolsa Thall (My Love Is Away) / Gealach Abuchaidh An Eorna (The Moon On The Ripe Barley) / 'Sgil An Fhaoileag (White Birds of the Sea) / An Gille Ban (The Fair Lad) / 'N Oidhche Bha Mi 'Sa Ghleann Dhomhain (The Night I Was In The Deep Glen) / Aodann Strathbhain (The Face of Strathbane) / Cumha Do Uilleam Siosal (Lamend to William Chisholm) / He Mo Leannan (Hey, My Dear) / A Fhleasgaich Og Bi Furachail (Young Lad, Be Attentive) / Fhir An Leadain Thlaith (Lad with Curly Hair) / Ruit A Roinnin Mo Leabaidh (I Will Share My All With You) / Suid Mar Chuir Mi'n Geamharadh Tharam (How I Spent Winter) / Oran A Mhailisidh (Song of the Militia)

Sample: He Mo Leannan

Sample: Oran A Mhailisidh

Not Available

Music Song and Dance (CD)

Tracks: Gay Gordons / St. Bernard's Waltz / Slow Foxtrot / Dashing White Sergeant / Old Tyme Waltz / Piping Feature / Vienese Swing / A Country Rock / Canadian Barn-Dance / Guitar Feature / Riverside Reel / Scottish Waltz / Paino Feature / St Bernards Waltz / Eva 3-step / Quickstep / Two-step / Shuffle / Quickstep / Slow Waltz / Pipe Feature

Sample: Canadian Barn Dance

Sample: Dashing White Sergeant

Sample: Eva Three Step

Sample: Slow Foxtrot

Not Available

Scotland in Tune (CD)

Tracks: Nola's Two-step / Retreat Pipe Marches / The Dark Island / Bill Paul's 90th Birthday Polka / Va Pensiero Sull Ali Dorate / Dave & Nora Barrie's Retiral March / Les Patinuers Valse / Billy Anderson's Compliments to Margaret and Bob Grier MBE / The Northlands / Kate Martin's Waltz / The Primrose Polka / Muila Nam Fuar Beann Mor / Beer Barrel Polka / The Boys of Bluehill / Isabel and Kenneth MacLeod of Lewis / The Teddybears' Picnic / Tribute to our National Bard - Robert Burns

Sample: Nola's Two Step

Sample: Skaters Waltz

Sample: Haggis Address

Sonas (CD)

Tracks: Marches / Come by the Hills / American Waltzes / Cadal Cha Dean Mi / Guitar Feature / Jite Mill Song / Mo Mhathair / Strathspeys / Red is the Rose / Accordion Feature / Calum Sgaire / Favourite Waltzes / Puirt A Beul / Gaway Shawl / Silver Darlings / 2/4 Pipe Marches / Fuadach nan Gaidheal / Slow Waltz

Sample: Favourite Waltzes

Sample: Marches

Sample: Pipe Marches

Not Available

East - West, Hame's Best (LP)

Albany - Billy Anderson and Margaret MacLeod

Not Available

Scotland on Parade (LP)

A Panorama of Songs and Dances

Not Available

Scotland Now, 'Albany' (LP)

The Billy Anderson Band with Margaret MacLeod

Not Available

Travellin' Scots, Country Hops with The Billy Anderson Band (LP)

A Beltona Record featuring Bill and his band.

Not Available

West of West - A New Sound to Gaelic (LP)

Margaret MacLeod, Billy Anderson, Peggy O'Keefe, Bill Craib, Tom Anderson, Gordon Imrie and Iain Bayne.